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Ceo’s Note

It is with great pride that I now announce the beginning of Fazale Rabbi Group’s 13th year of service to its service to its customers. The past thirteen years have only strengthened the bond between the company and its customers, turning it into the Fazale Rabbi family. It has been your interest and faith in us that has allowed the Fazale Rabbi Group to reach yet another milestone.

For the benefit of those who are not yet a part of the Fazale Rabbi family. I would like to thank you for taking out the time to take interest in our company. Fazale Rabbi Group, or FRG, is a group of companies that caters to various diversified needs of our customers.

Started as a small company, Fazale Rabbi Group now comprises of seven separate companies.

Our strive for excellence, your loyalty, and the Grace of Almighty Allah has allowed us to expand and delve in different fields. Be it travel, transportation, or real estate, we are committed to providing you only the best. It has been our goal to set our standards higher and higher each year to better serve our people.

The drive to serve our customers better is the main contributing factor to FRG’s success. Standing at multi-million profits in under a decade, we believe that FRG’s success speaks for itself. It goes only to prove that focusing on the needs of the customers is the only surefire way to success.

By providing only the best to our customers, we have been able to expand and diversify into different fields. We aim to set the par higher in each industry that we enter. With your faith and the blessings of Almighty Allah, we hope to further strengthen and expand our relationship with you.

Mohammad Dochki


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