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While all divisions are precious to us, this one is clearly the most dear, because it involves dealing with persons who are about to set on a spiritual journey. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that we provide unmatched quality service to our clients.

Our team believes that we are blessed to have the opportunity to serve pilgrims better. When Hajis pay their hard earned money to ensure that they will be able to perform a hassle free Hajj or Umrah, then it becomes our professional, moral, and religious obligation to ensure that he gets the best service in exchange. Our standards are already one of the highest in the field, and we are constantly working towards raising them even higher. We take care of our clients’ every need down to the minutest details, such as facilitating airline reservations and accommodation. We have arranged vacancies in peak seasons at all the popular five star hotels.

What sets our Holy Land Tours apart from others in the field is that we cater to those who value quality. Our various packages offer you a luxurious and comfortable stay in the holy land. Not only do we cater to our customers’ needs at home, but we also have our correspondent present in Saudi Arabia. Holy Land Tours offers various packages to suit your budget. Whether your primary concern in luxury or saving money- we provide you the best value for your money.

We have an official IATA license to offer umrah packages, and have pre-booked tickets for future flights of Saudi Airlines, Emiraes, and PIA to facilitate our client’s experience with us. Holy Land Tours is a known and trusted name throughout. We are able to generate visas in as little as 4 days whereas normally the process takes ten days.



18 April 2011
Now you can book your leisure tour with Universal Express Karachi, click here to find out the best prices in town...
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16 April 2011
Universal Express announced Umrah Package for the year 2011....
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10 Jun 2011
Universal Express announces Exclusive Hajj Packages for the year 2011, please submit your HAJJ query on HAJJ link above or click here to download complete brochure...
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20 June 2011
Universal Express announces exclusive Umra Packages for current season of year 2011, please click UMRA link above and tell us your convenient package.....
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26 Aug 2011
Please use "VISA Arrangements" section under "Our Services" to download VISA Forms of frequently visited countries.....
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